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1630 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Mar 24 1630
  • End Date: unknown
  • Notes: The Assembly began on March 24, 1630. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
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  • Clerk:
Name Locality Committees
Walter Aston Shirley Hundred Island
John Atkins Worrosquoiack
Henry Bagwell Accowmacke/Accawmacke
Anthony Barham Mulberry Island
Lancelott Barnes The Lower Part of Elizabeth City
Robert Barrington James City Island
Chene/Cheney Boise/Boys Shirley Hundred Island
John Brewer Warwick River
Richard Brewster The Neck of Land [at James City]/The Neck of Land in the Corporation of James City, Harropp and to Martin's Hundred
John Browning/Browninge Harrop
Thomas Burgis Wariscoyacque/Warrosquoiack
Thomas Ceely/Seely Warwick River, Denbigh
Henry Ceney/Ceny Archer's Hope and Glebe Land
Thomas Fareley The Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred/Harrop
Thomas Farmer The Plantations of the College and Neck of Land
Thomas Fawcett/Fossett Martin's Hundred
Robert Felgate/Fellgate The Other Side of the Water
Thomas Flint/Flynt Warwick River
John Flood/Floyd/Fludd Flowerdew Hundred
Bridges Freeman Pasbyhoy, Checohominey
Thomas Graves/Grayes Smythes Hundred, Accowmacke
John Harris Shirley/Shirley Hundred Maine
Thomas Harwood Mulberry Island
Thomas Hayrick The Upper Part of Elizabeth City
William Kempe The Upper Part of Elizabeth City
Thomas Key Denby
Theodore Moyse/Moyses Archer's Hope/Archer's Hope and Glebe Land
Thomas Osborne/Osbourne The College
Thomas Palmer Shirley Hundred Maine
William Perry Pace's Paines and Smyths Mount
Walter Price Chaplain's Choice, Jordan's Journey
Thomas Purefoy/Purfury The Lower Part of Elizabeth City
Obedience Robbins/Robins Accomack
Robert Savin Warosquoyacke
Edmund/Edmond Scarborough/Scarbrough Accomack
Robert Scotchmore Martin's Hundred
John Southerne James City Island
Christopher Stokes Warwick River, Denbigh
Joseph Stratton Nutmegg Quarter, From Waters Creeke to Marie's Mount
Adam Thoroughgood/Thorowgood Elizabeth City
John Trahorne Weyanoke
John Upton Warrosquoiack
John Utie/Uty Hog Island
John West The Plantations over the water/The Other Side of the Water
Thomas Willoby/Willoughbye/Willowby The Upper Part/Parish of Elizabeth City

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