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Henry Bagwell

Member From: 1630 - 1632

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  • Birth Date: October 29, 1589 Birth Place:Devonshire, England
  • Death Date: April 28, 1663
  • Gender: Male Race: Caucasian
  • Spouse: Alice Hawkins Stratton Chilcott (widow of Thomas Stratton and widow of Thomas Chilcott) married in 1636/1637.

  • Children: Rebecca (born 1646), John (born 1640) and Thomas (born 1642); stepson, Thomas Stratton
  • Religion: Member of the Vestry of Hangars Parish, established in 1634 near the old village of Bridgetown.
  • Education:
  • Military Service:
  • Occupation/Profession: Planter
  • Additional Info: Left England June 9, 1609. On July 25th, St James' Day they ran into a hurricane that sunk a small ship and wrecked the big new flagship, the Sea Venture, under the command of Captain Christopher Newport at Bermuda. On board these ships were all the officers who were sailing to Virginia to take over the Colony under the new form of government as called for in the New Virginia Charter of 1609. The shipwrecked party, using materials salvaged from their original vessels built two small ships, the Deliverance and the Patience, large enough to carry the passengers and crew, upwards of two hundred all told, together with enough provisions to take them to the mainland, where they finally arrived after being marooned forty weeks at Bermuda. The two boats and those on board reached Jamestown in May, 1610.


    Henry Bagwell was known to be highly regarded.He was the first clerk of the County Court in the County of Accawmack serving from 1632-1640. He served as a member of the Vestry of Hungars Parish, established in 1634, near the old village of Bridgetown. During the period of 1637-1640 he was twice listed among the three names submitted to the Governor and Council for appointment of sheriff of Northamption County, although there is no record he was selected on either occasion. In 1639 he was appointed as a tobacco inspector, a position reserved for “experienced men of high standing in their community”.


  • Other Notable Service and/or Elected Offices: He was the first clerk of the county court in the County of Accawmack (1632-1640)
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1630 Accowmacke/Accawmacke
1632 Feb Accowmacke/Accawmacke
1632 Sept Accowmacke/Accawmacke

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