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1688 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Apr 19 1688
  • End Date: May 12 1688
  • Notes: This Assembly was called for April 19, 1688, and immediately prorogued. It met from April 24 to May 12, 1688, and was dissolved. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
  • Speaker: Arthur Allen Jr.
  • Clerk: Francis Page
Name Locality Committees
Arthur Allen Jr. Surry
Thomas Allomby Elizabeth City
William Anderson Accomack
Henry Applewaite Isle of Wight
Henry Awbrey Rappahannock
William Ball Sr. Lancaster
Thomas Barber York
Robert Bolling Charles City
James Bray Sr. James City County Public Claims (Chair)
George Brent Stafford
Miles Cary Warwick Propositions and Grievances
William Crawford Lower Norfolk
Robert Dudley Middlesex
Peter Field Henrico
Joseph Foster New Kent
William Hardidge Westmoreland Public Claims
Thomas Harmanson Northampton
Edward Hill Jr. Charles City
William Kendal/Kendall Northampton
Richard Kenner/Kennon Northumberland
Anthony Lawson Lower Norfolk
Thomas Lear Nansemond
John Lear/Leare Nansemond Public Claims
Hancock Lee Northumberland
Philip Ludwell Sr. James City County
George Mason Stafford
Thomas Milner Nansemond Propositions and Grievances (Chair)
Francis Page York
Daniel Parke James City County
Peter Perry Charles City Public Claims
John Pinkard Lancaster
William Randolph Gloucester, Henrico Public Claims
William Randolph I Henrico Public Claims
Robert Read York
Christopher Robinson Middlesex Propositions and Grievances
Charles Scarburgh Accomack Propositions and Grievances
William Sherwood James City County, James City/Jamestown
Arthur Smith Isle of Wight Propositions and Grievances
Public Claims
John Smith Gloucester Propositions and Grievances
Public Claims
Arthur Spicer Rappahannock, Richmond County Propositions and Grievances
Samuel Swann Surry Public Claims
John West New Kent
Richard Whitaker Warwick
William Wilson Elizabeth City
Thomas Yowell Westmoreland

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