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  • Full Name: Francis Page
  • Served: 1688 - 1688
  • Bio Information: FRANCIS PAGE was born at Middle Plantation (now Williamsburg) in 1657, the eldest son of John Page. He served as a justice of the peace for York County, and as sheriff in 1680, and he was a vestryman of Bruton Parish. York County elected Page to the House of Burgesses in the assemblies of 1684, 1685-1686, and 1688. On 24 April 1688 Page accepted from Governor Francis Howard, baron Howard of Effingham, a commission as clerk of the House, which he presented to the House that afternoon. Page was the first clerk to be chosen by the governor rather than the House itself, a change in procedure ordered by James II in August 1686. After an exchange of messages between Governor Effingham and the House regarding the clerk’s oath of office, a compromise wording as adopted that required the clerk to “keep secret all private Debates.” Page swore the oath on 26 April and served as clerk for the duration of the assembly of 1688. He died on 10 May 1692 and was buried at Bruton Parish Church.

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