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1643 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Mar 2 1643
  • End Date: unknown
  • Notes: This Assembly met on March 2, 1643. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
  • Speaker: Thomas Stegg
  • Clerk:
Name Locality Committees
Walter Aston Shirley Hundred (Island & Maine), Mr. Farrar's, Chaplaynes, Cawseyes Care, Charles City
Arthur Bayly Henrico
John Branch Elizabeth City
John Carter Upper Norfolk
John Cheesman/Chesman York
John Chew/Chewe York
Walter Chiles Charles City
Randall Crew Upper Norfolk
William Davis James City
Richard Death The Isle of Wight
Henry Filmer James City
Thomas Flint/Flynt Warwick River
John Flood/Floyd/Fludd James City
Mathew/Matthew Gogh/Gough Henrico
John Hoddin/Holden Elizabeth City
Robert Hutchinson James City
Anthony Jones Isle of Wight
Cornelius Lloyd Lower Norfolk
Daniel Luellin Henrico
Rowland Sadler James City
Edmund/Edmond Scarborough/Scarbrough Northampton
Toby Smith Warwick
Thomas Stegg Charles City County
Phillip Tayler Northampton
William Tayler York
Stephen Webb James City
Edward Windham Lower Norfolk

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