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1633 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Feb 1 1633
  • End Date: Aug 21 1633
  • Notes: The Assembly convened on February 1, 1633, and again on August 21, 1633. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
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  • Clerk:
Name Locality Committees
John Arunell The Lower Parts of Elizabeth City
Walter Aston Shirley Hundred Maine and Causeys Care
Richard Brewster The Neck of Land [at James City]/The Neck of Land in the Corporation of James City, Harropp and to Martin's Hundred
Henry Ceney/Ceny Archer's Hope and Glebe Land
John Corker Pasbeyhoigh, James City, Checohominey
Thomas Crampe/Crumpe James City, The Neck of Land near Jamestown
Zachary Cripps/Crip Stanley Hundred
Roger Dilke Stanley Hundred
William Emerson Weyanoke
William English/Englishe Elizabeth City
Thomas Flint/Flynt Denbigh
Lyonell Goulston York
Thomas Grindon Smyths Mount, the Other Side of the Water and Hogg Island
Thomas Harwood Mulberry Island
Thomas Hawkins Denbigh
Rice Hoe/Hooe Shirley Hundred Island
Francis Hough Nutmegg Quarter
John How/Howe Accomack
David Mainsfield Martin's Hundred
Nicholas Martiau/Matiau Kiskyake
Thomas Osborne/Osbourne Arrowhattocke, Henrico Neck of Land and Curles
Thomas Paulett/Pawlett Westover and Flowerdue Hundred
Roger Saunders Accawmacke
Robert Savin Warosquoyacke
Edmund/Edmond Scarborough/Scarbrough Accomack
Robert Scotchmore Martin's Hundred
Thomas Sheppard The Upper Parts of Elizabeth City
John Shipsie/Sibsey/Sipsey The Upper Parish of Elizabeth City
William Spencer Mulbury Island
John Upton Warrosquoiack
John Wareham Mounts Bay, Harrop and to Martin's Hundred
John Wilkins/Wilkinson Accawmacke

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