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1629 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Oct 16 1629
  • End Date: unknown
  • Notes: The Assembly began on October 16, 1629. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
  • Speaker:
  • Clerk:
Name Locality Committees
William Allen Mr. Henry Throgmorton's Plantation
Thomas Bagwell Pasbehay
Nathaniel/Nathaniell Basse/Basset Wariscoyacque
Richard Bennett Warosquoyacke
William Bentley Nutmegg Quarter
Chene/Cheney Boise/Boys Shirley Hundred Island
Richard Brewster The Neck of Land [at James City]/The Neck of Land in the Corporation of James City, Harropp and to Martin's Hundred
John Browne Shirley Hundred Island
John Browning/Browninge Elizabeth City
Thomas Ceely/Seely Warwick River, Denbigh
John Chew/Chewe Hoggs Island
Phettiplace/Pittiplace Clause Mulberry Island, Denbigh and to Waters Creek
William Cole Nutmegg Quarter
Zachary Cripps/Crip Warwick River
Thomas Doe Archer's Hope
John Dowman Elizabeth City
Mathew Edlowe The Plantation at the College
William English/Englishe Elizabeth City
Thomas Fawcett/Fossett Martin's Hundred
Robert Felgate/Fellgate The Other Side of the Water
Thomas Flint/Flynt Warwick River,
John Harris Shirley/Shirley Hundred Maine
Thomas Harwood Mulberry Island
Thomas Jorden/Jourdayne/Jurdain Wariscoyacque
Thomas Kingston Martin's Hundred
Richard Kinsmeale/Kingsmell/Kinsmyll James City
George Menefie James City
Theodore Moyse/Moyses Archer's Hope/Archer's Hope and Glebe Land
Thomas Osborne/Osbourne The College
Anthony Pagett Flowerdew Hundred
Thomas Palmer Shirley Hundred Maine
William Perry Pace's Paines
William Popkton/Popleton Jordan's Journey
Walter Price Chaplain's Choice, Jordan's Journey
Lionel Rowlston Elizabeth City
Robert Savin Warosquoyacke
Samuel Sharpe The Neck of the Land
John Smyth Pace's Paines
Christopher Stokes Warwick River, Denbigh
George Thompson Elizabeth City
Adam Thoroughgood/Thorowgood Elizabeth City
Richard Townsend The Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred
Richard Tree Hog Island
John Utie/Uty Southampton Hundred, The Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martins Hundred, Hog Island
John West The Plantations over the water/The Other Side of the Water
Christopher Woodward Westover

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