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1658 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Mar 13 1658
  • End Date: Apr 3 1658
  • Notes: This Assembly met from March 13 to April 3, 1658, or later, and adjourned itself to November 1, 1658. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
  • Speaker: Francis Dade
  • Clerk: Henry Randolph
Name Locality Committees
William Blacke/Blacky New Kent
John Bond Isle of Wight
Robert Borne York
John Brewer Isle of Wight
Joseph Bridger Isle of Wight
William Butler/Buttler Surry
Edward Carter Upper Norfolk
John Carter Lancaster
William Cawfield Surry
William Corker James City
Thomas Davis Warwick
William Edwards Surry
Anthony Elliot/Elliott Gloucester
Richard Foster Lower Norfolk
Thomas Francis Upper Norfolk
James Goodwin York
Jeremy Ham York
John Haney Northumberland
William Harris Henrico
William Hay York
Warham Horsmanden/Horsmenden Charles City
William Kendall Northampton
Peter Knight Northumberland
Thomas Lambert Lower Norfolk
Thomas Loveinge James City
Thomas Lucar/Lucas Rappahannock
Lyonell/Lemuel/Lemuell Mason/Masonn Lower Norfolk
William Mellin/Mellinge Northampton
William Michell Northampton
Peter Montague Lancaster
John Powel/Powell Elizabeth City
Thomas Ramsey Gloucester
Randall Revell Northampton
John Sidney Lower Norfolk
John Smith [alias Francis Dade] Warwick
Henry Soane/Soanes James City
Thomas Swann Surry
Thomas Tabenor Isle of Wight
John Warren Lower Norfolk
Giles Webb Upper Norfolk
Richard Webster James City
John Willcox Northampton
William Wooldridge/Worleich/Worlich Elizabeth City
Robert Wynne Charles City

*The information within this interactive and searchable application has been researched extensively by the House Clerk’s Office. As with any historical records of this age and breadth, there may be discrepancies and/or inconsistencies within records obtained from a variety of credible sources. Any feedback is encouraged at history@house.virginia.gov.

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