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1619 Session Information

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  • Start Date: Jul 30 1619
  • End Date: Aug 4 1619
  • Notes: The first Assembly met from July 30 to August 4, 1619; it was prorogued to March 1, 1620, but was not reconvened. Historical records of this Assembly are incomplete.
  • Speaker: John Pory
  • Clerk: John Twine
Name Locality Committees
John Boys Martin's Hundred
William Capp/Capps Kiccowtan (later Hampton)
Thomas Davis Martin-Brandon
Thomas Dowse City of Henricus
John Gibbes Wardes Plantation
Edward Gourgainy Argall's Gift
Thomas Graves/Grayes Smythes Hundred
John Jackson Martin's Hundred
John Jefferson Flowerdew Hundred
Samuel Jordan Charles City
Christopher Lawne Lawnes Plantation (later Isle of Wight plantation)
Thomas Paulett/Pawlett Argall's Gift
John Polentine/Pollington City of Henricus
John Pory
William Powell James City
Edmund Rossingham Flowerdew Hundred
Samuel Sharpe Charles City
Walter Shelley Smythes Hundred
William Spense James City
Robert Stacy Martin-Brandon
William Tuckar/Tucker Kiccowtan (later Hampton)
John Warde Wardes Plantation
Ensigne Washer Lawnes Plantation (later Isle of Wight plantation)

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