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Harry Gaines

Member From: 1779 - 1779

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  • Birth Date: Birth Place:
  • Gender: Male Race: Caucasian
  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Religion:
  • Education:
  • Military Service:
  • Occupation/Profession:
  • Additional Info: ​ ESCHEATOR.Thenameofanofficerwhosedutiesaregenerallytoascertainwhatescheatshavetakenplace,andtoprosecutetheclaimofthecommonwealthforthepurposeofrecoveringtheescheatedproperty   Escheat/- is acommon law doctrine which transfers the property of a person who dies without heirs to the crown or state. It serves to ensure that property is not left in "limbo" without recognized ownership. It originally applied to a number of situations where a legal interest in land was destroyed byoperation of law, so that the ownership of the land reverted to the immediately superiorfeudal lord.
    1779 Assembly-The name of Harry Gaines appears in the list of Dec. 3, he probably succeeded Abraham Penn, who had become an escheator (see more information).
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1779 Henry

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