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Clement Reade Sr.

Member From: 1748 - 1765

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  • Birth Date: Birth Place:
  • Gender: Male Race: Caucasian
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  • Additional Info: ​Lunenberg became a county on May 1, 1746. It was therefore entitled to representatives in the session of the Assembly that met July 11, 1746. On June 27 the governor issued an order for election of representatives to appear on July 11. The election was not actually held, however, until August 29th. When the members returned to take their seats at the March 1747 session they were not allowed to do so because the election had not been held when ordered. It appeared further that Mr. Embry was the sheriff of Brunswick County.
    1752-1755 Assembly- Clement Reade became surveyor of the county during the August 1754 session and was replaced by William Embry.
    1761-1765 Assembly- Charlotte County was not represented until the 1765 session, when two burgesses were returned.
    Clement Reade did not have the suffix, Sr., added to his name until the 1761 - 1765 Assembly when his son, Clement Reade, Jr., also served. Clement Reade, Jr.
    succeeded Clement Reade, Sr. in representing Lunenberg during the 1761 - 1765 Assembly (exact dates unknown).
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1748-1749 Lunenberg Public Claims
1752-1755 Lunenberg Courts of Justice
Propositions and Grievances
Public Claims
1758-1761 Lunenberg
1761-1765 Lunenberg/Charlotte Public Claims

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