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  • Full Name: George Wythe Munford
  • Served: 1825 - 1852
  • Bio Information: Born in Richmond, Va., January 8, 1803. Died in Richmond, Va., January 10, 1882. Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va. George Wythe Munford was the son of William and Sally (Rad- ford) Munford. He was a man of ability and engaging personality. He obtained his degree of Bachelor of Law at the College of William and Mary. He was employed by his father to assist him in his duties as Clerk of the House of Delegates, and succeeded him in that position in 1825. He was Clerk of the Constitutional Convention of 1829-30, and resigned as Clerk of the House of Delegates to become Secretary of the Commonwealth, in which capacity he served the State twelve years longer. Colonel Munford was twice Commander of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues, and was elected the first president of the Blues Association. He compiled and published a revision of the Code of Virginia in 1860, and another edition in 1873. He was the first Auditor of the United States Treasury. It is said that in his long public career he gained perhaps a larger acquaintance with the history and forms of State legislation, and with the condition of the accounts and claims of the State, than was possessed by any other individual of his generation. He married firstly, November 20, 1828, Lucy Singleton Taylor (died June 13, 1835), daughter of Thomas and Lucy Harrison (Singleton) Taylor of Richmond, and secondly, November 29, 1838, Elizabeth Thorowgood Ellis, daughter of Charles and Margaret Keeling (Nimmo) Ellis of Richmond. Brigadier General Thomas Taylor Munford and Lieutenant Colonel William Munford, both of the C. S. A., were children of his first marriage. Portrait in the State Capitol at Richmond. While he was Cleric of the House, the Speakers were LINN BANKS, THOMAS WALKER GILMER, VALENTINE WOOD SOUTHALL, JOEL HOLLEMAN, WILLIAM OSBORNE GOODE, JOHN WINSTON JONES, JAMES F. STROTHER, HENRY LAURENS HOPKINS, GEORGE WASHINGTON HOPKINS, and OSCAR MINOR CRUTCHFIELD.

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