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  • Full Name: G. Paul Nardo
  • Served: 2011 - 2019, 2022-Present
  • Bio Information: Born in New Cumberland, West Virginia 8 April 1966. G. Paul Nardo is the son of Gary Lee Nardo and the late Nettie (Gail) Nardo, natives of New Cumberland, West Virginia.
    Prior to his election as House Clerk, Mr. Nardo served as Chief of Staff to Virginia House Speaker William J. Howell (2002–2011). He served as Communications and Government Relations Director at the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (1998–2002), as well as Speechwriter for Virginia Governor George Allen (1994–1998). He also worked as a legislative assistant and then Legislative Director for U.S. House Member Herbert H. Bateman (1990–1994) in Washington, D.C.
    As Clerk, Mr. Nardo has enhanced information technology and automation to streamline processes for members and staff while also promoting greater participation in and transparency of the legislative process for the public. Notable achievements are the first-ever live video streaming of standing committee meetings, archival access to searchable floor and committee video, automation of public meeting notices, including citizens’ ability to receive notices via email or Twitter feeds for all committees and subcommittees. Other projects include the automation of bill filing and bill tracking systems and wireless voting systems in all House committee and subcommittee rooms. He spearheaded, with other legislative agency leadership, the demolition of the General Assembly Building in 2018 and the design and ongoing construction of its modern replacement in the same location. Together with his many talented colleagues in the House Clerk’s Office, Mr. Nardo led a multi-year initiative to chronicle an online, public database of the nearly 10,000 House Members who have served the People of Virginia in this historic, 400-year-old legislative body. Additionally he worked to redefine the Virginia State Capitol’s visitor experience.
    Mr. Nardo serves on the Legislative Support Commission, the Virginia Capitol Foundation, the Capitol Square Preservation Council and Co-Chair 2019 Commemoration First Representative Legislative Assembly Committee. He was a member of the Governor’s Commission on Higher Education Reform, Innovation and Investment as well as the statewide board of directors of the Virginia Mentoring Partnership and served on the National Council of State Legislatures Executive Committee.
    Nardo is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg and studied abroad for a year at Bristol University in England. He led the Rotary Club of Richmond as its 100th President in 2013 and was honored as Rotarian of the Year in 2015. He is married to Mary Augusta Barham of Portsmouth, Virginia and has a son, Beau.
    While he has been Clerk of the House, the Speakers have been WILLIAM J. HOWELL, M. KIRKLAND COX and C. TODD GILBERT.

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