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  • Full Name: Benjamin Needler
  • Served: 1734 - 1739
  • Bio Information: BENJAMIN NEEDLER was the son of Culverwell Needler, clerk assistant of the House of Commons from 1689 to 1710. Trained at law in England before he emigrated to Virginia, Needler began his colonial career as a clerk of the House of Burgesses committee for courts of justice from 1728 to 1732. In 1730 he was paid £40 for his work as committee clerk and another £20 for “officiating as Clerk Assistant upon the Occasion of the sickness of the Clerk of the House,” Sir John Randolph. When Randolph resigned in order to stand for election as Speaker, Needler was appointed clerk of the House on 22 August 1734. He held the office until 23 October 1739, when he was commissioned clerk of the Council, an office he held at his death. Needler served on the vestry of Stratton Major Parish, King and Queen County, from October 1730 to April 1736. He died before 23 April 1741.

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