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  • Full Name: George Randolph Rich
  • Served: 1962 - 1974
  • Bio Information: Born in Lynchhurg, Va., June 27, 1902 Died in Richmond, Va., May 4, 1976 Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va. Geroge R. Rich was the son of George Christopher and Theresa (Morris) Rich of Amherst County. He was educated in the public schools of Lynchburg. He moved to Richmond in 1927, and began his career in State service as a tour guide in the Capitol in 1936, Later that same year he served as a committee clerk in the House of Delegates during the special session of the General Assembly. In 1910, he was appointed Desk Clerk of the House and rose to Assistant Clerk in 1942. Upon his election as Clerk of the House of Delegates in 1962, he resigned his position as assistant director of the gasoline tax division of the Division of Motor Vehicles. During his tenure as Clerk from 1962 to 1974, the Clerk’s Office expanded considerably when the General Assembly began to meet in annual sessions in accordance with the provisions of the 1971 Constitution. He married, February 18, 1920, Emma Virginia Stumpf, daughter of Ernest and Kate Vernon (Hamilton) Stumpf. Photograph in group pictures for the sessions of 1962-74, in the State Capitol at Richmond, While he was Clerk of the House, the Speakers were E. BLACKBURN MOORE and JOHN WARREN COOKE.

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