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  • Full Name: John William Williams
  • Served: 1901 - 1934
  • Bio Information: Born in Pearisburg, Va., March 23, 1869. Died in Richmond, Va., November 15, 1934. Buried in Giles County, Va. John W. Williams was the son of James William and Mary Agnes (Easley) Williams. He was educated at Roanoke College and the University of Virginia. He was a lawyer, and was Commonwealth’s attorney of Giles County in 1899. He had been journal clerk of the House from 1895 to 1901, and, when elected, was fully conversant with the duties of Clerk. As has been shown, most of the Clerks of the House were men of unusual ability, but none of them were better qualified nor more diligent than John Williams. As a parliamentarian and Clerk, he had no superior. He was a combination of pleasing personality, efficiency and patience. He was an expert master of ceremonies, and scarcely a public event took place that he had not planned. He was ever ready to help with suggestions for procedure. While Clerk, he compiled the Index to Enrolled Bills of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1776 to 1862, and a follow-up volume for the period from 1862 to 1910. Together with Earl G. Swem, he compiled A Register of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1776-1918. He married, June 19, 1895, Annie Johnston Snidow, daughter of Major John Chapman and Ann Elizabeth (Hoge) Snidow, of Giles County. Portrait by Marcia Silvette, 1936, in the State Capitol at Richmond. While he was Clerk of the House, the Speakers were JOHN F. RYAN, WILLIAM DUVAL CARDWELL, RICHARD EVELYN BYRD, EDWIN P. COX, HARRY R. HOUSTON, RICHARD L. BREWER, JR., THOMAS W. OZLIN, and J. SINCLAIR BROWN.

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