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  • Full Name: William Henry Mann
  • Served: 1899 - 1901
  • Bio Information: Born in Petersburg, Va., February 25, 1864. Died in Petersburg, Va., August 21, 1929. Buried in Old Ground, Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Va. William Henry Mann was the son of Richard Henry and Adelia Ann (Jones) Mann. He was a lawyer. He was deputy clerk of courts in Petersburg; a committee clerk in the House of Delegates for the session of 1891; and a member of the House, 1897-98. He was Clerk of the House of Delegates, serving from 1899 until 1901. He never married. Photograph in group pictures for the sessions of 1891-92, 1897-98, and 1899-1900, in the State Capitol at Richmond. While he was Clerk of the House, the Speaker was EDWARD WATTS SAUNDERS.

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