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Zephaniah Turner Jr.

Member From: 1865 - 1871

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  • Birth Date: December 4, 1812 Birth Place:Culpeper County, Virginia
  • Death Date: March 3, 1876
  • Gender: Male Race: Caucasian
  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Religion:
  • Education:
  • Military Service:
  • Occupation/Profession:
  • Additional Info: Two Turner's were in the 1869-1871 session. One was assigned to the Resolutions Committee but do not know which one.
  • Bio: Born in Culpeper County, Va., December 4, 1812. Died at “Eldon”, near Woodville, Va., March 3, 1876. Buried in the Conner graveyard at Woodville, Va. Zephaniah Turner Jr. of Rappahannock County was the son of Zephaniah and Sally (Conner) Turner of Woodville. He qualified as an attorney at law in Rappahannock County, March II, 1844. In 1855, he qualified on the estate of his father, a wealthy landowner, whose will was probated in 1848, He practiced law in Culpeper and Warrenton. He was a member of the House of Delegates, 1865-67, 1869-71. It is said that he was very particular and loved to dress. His cousin, Jane Lovell, made his shirts for him with frills on the front covering the stiff bosom rolled and whipped on by hand, and he did not want anyone else to make them. It was told of him that when the Northern soldiers were encamped in Warrenton, one of them helped himself to a small trunk belonging to Zeph and it is supposed to have had 100 vests in it, of leather, satin, velvet, silk, wool and linen cloth, It is said that he was tall and slender, his hair rather a reddish tinge, his eyes gray, and his features very regular. Zephaniah Turner, Jr. never married and kept bachelor”s hall at “Eldon”, built on his father's land about a mile from Woodville.

    While he was Speaker of the House, the Clerk was JOHN BELL BIGGER.
  • Other Notable Service and/or Elected Offices: Speaker of the House - 1869 - 1871
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1865-1867 Rappahannock Banks (1865-1866)
Banks and Currency (1866-1867)
Executive Expenditures
1869-1871 Rappahannock Speaker of the House Rules (Chair)

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