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Samuel P. Bolling

Member From: 1885 - 1887

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  • Birth Date: January 10, 1819 Birth Place:Cumberland County, Virginia
  • Death Date: February 8, 1900
  • Gender: Male Race: African American
  • Spouse: Ellen (Gantt or Munford)
  • Children: Two sons, four daughters
  • Religion:
  • Education:
  • Military Service:
  • Occupation/Profession:
  • Additional Info Links: Bio from Encyclopedia Virginia
  • Additional Info: ​Samuel P. Bolling, a farmer, brick mason, and brick manufacturer, and the son of Olive Bolling, was born into slavery in Cumberland County in 1819. He was trained as a skilled mechanic, and likely purchased his freedom shortly before the American Civil War. After the war he also purchased land and started a brickyard, which employed many individuals who helped construct many of the brick buildings in Farmville and the surrounding countryside. He eventually amassed more than 1,000 acres in Cumberland County. He agreed with those in the General Assembly who proposed to scale down the principal and interest to be paid on the antebellum debt in order to pay for new public schools and other public projects. Mr. Bolling served in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing Cumberland and Buckingham Counties, from 1885 to 1887, a seat his son previously held. He was a member of the following House Committees: Claims; Manufactures and Mechanical Arts; and Retrenchment and Economy. He was active in the Mount Nebo Baptist Church in Buckingham County as a deacon, trustee, and treasurer. Mr. Bolling died in 1900.​
  • Other Notable Service and/or Elected Offices: Cumberland County Board of Supervisors
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1885-1887 Cumberland and Buckingham Readjuster Claims Committee
Manufactures and Mechanic Arts Committee
Retrenchment and Economy Committee

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