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Hiram Martz

Member From: 1843 - 1858

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  • Birth Date: October 11, 1800 Birth Place:Rockingham County
  • Death Date: October 7, 1861
  • Gender: Male Race: Caucasian
  • Spouse: Hannah Asberry Matthews
  • Children: Benjamin Franklin Martz (1830-1860); Adaline E. Martz (1832-1909); Addison Blair Martz (1834-1863); Dorilas Henry Martz (1837-1914); Daniel Green Martz (1839-1891); Michael Jackson Martz (1843-1922) and Julias Jefferson Martz (1849-1892).
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    ·        In Jan. 1848 he introduced a petition on behalf of the citizens of Rockingham County asking for an increase in the capital stock of the New Shenandoah company. There is no record that this request received favorable consideration, however in February of the same session, Delegate Martz introduced a petition requesting the removal of a separate election in Rockingham County to the storehouse at Paul’s Mill. This petition was considered by the Committee on Propositions and Grievances and subsequently reported from that committee has HB 426. HB 426 passed the House on March 30, 1848 and the Senate of Virginia the following day.
    ·        In 1850, Delegate Martz presented a petition of Rockingham citizens for an appropriation of money to erect a marble statute in honor of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia, which was referred to a select committee.
    ·        In 1852, Delegate Martz moved that the Committee on Finance enquire into the expediency of increasing the number of commissioners of revenue for Rockingham County
    ·        In 1854, Delegate Martz presented a petition on behalf of the citizens of Rockingham County advocating passage of a law imposing a tax on dogs, which was referred to the Committee on Propositions and Grievances.
    ·        In 1858, Delegate Martz was appointed to chair a special committee directed to enquire into the expediency of abolishing the Board of Public Works as then organized; and transferring the powers of the Board to a chief of finance and engineer to be appointed  (or elected). On behalf of the committee, Chairman Martz recommended that the Board of Public Works was “necessary” and that the committee be disicharged from further consideration.
    December 4, 1843 – February 15, 1844 Session through the December 7, 1857 – April 8, 1858 Session with the exception of the December 7, 1846 – March 23, 1847 and December 3, 1855 – March 19, 1856 Sessions
Session District District Number Party Leadership Committees
1843-1844 Rockingham County Democrat Clerk's Office
1844-1845 Rockingham County Democrat Armory
1845-1846 Rockingham County Democrat Propositions and Grievances
1847-1848 Rockingham County Democrat Armory
Trade and the Mechanic Arts
1848-1849 Rockingham County Democrat Bonds of Public Officers
1849-1850 Rockingham County Democrat Second Auditor's Committee (Chair)
1850-1851 Rockingham County Democrat Second Auditor's Committee (Chair)
1852-1853 Rockingham County Democrat Claims (Chair)
1853-1854 Rockingham County Democrat Finance (Chair)
1857-1858 Rockingham County Democrat Finance
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