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  • Full Name: William Munford
  • Served: 1811 - 1825
  • Bio Information: Born at Richlands, Mecklenhurg County, Va., August 15, 1775. Died in Richmond, Va., June 21, 1825. Buried in Shockoe Cemetery, Richmond, Va. William Munford was the son of Robert and Anne (Beverley) Munford, He was educated at the College of William and Mary, and was a lawyer, having studied under George Wythe. He was a member of the House of Delegates, 1797-98 and 1800-02; State Senate, 1802-06; and Privy Council before he was elected Clerk of the House of Delegates in 1811, which position he retained for the remainder of his life. His son, whom he named after his esteemed law professor, succeeded him as Clerk. He was for several years reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, of which four volumes (1806-09) were prepared in conjunction with William W. Hening, and six volumes (1810-20) were from his own pen. In 1819, he assisted in revising the statute laws of Virginia. He was also the author of an early volume of poems and other literary work, including a translation of the “Iliad” into blank verse, which was published in 1846. In 1806, he delivered a eulogy on his friend, Chancellor Wythe, in the Capitol at Richmond. In 1802, he married Sally Radford, daughter of William and Rebecca (Winston) Radford. Photograph of lost miniature. While he was Clerk of the House, the Speakers were JAMES BARBOUR, ANDREW STEVENSON, ROBERT STANARD, and LINN BANKS.

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