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  • Full Name: John Randolph
  • Served: 1752 - 1767
  • Bio Information: JOHN RANDOLPH was born in 1728. Educated at the College of William and Mary and at the Middle Temple, in 1750 he followed his father, Sir John Randolph, and brother Peyton to the bar. In February 1752 he succeeded his cousin William Randolph, of Wilton, as clerk of the House of Burgesses. John Randolph succeeded his brother Peyton as attorney general of Virginia and a judge of the vice admiralty court in 1767, and held both offices until the American Revolution. He was a burgess for Lunenburg County in the assembly of 1769, and he represented the College of William and Mary in 1774, after John Page left the college’s House seat to join the Council, and in the assembly of 1775-1776. John Randolph remained loyal to the crown throughout the American Revolution. He left Virginia late in September 1775 and lived in England until his death on 31 January 1784. In accord with his request, his body was returned to Virginia and buried next to his father’s in the chapel of the College of William and Mary.

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