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  • Full Name: John Tazewell
  • Served: 1776 - 1778
  • Bio Information: Born in Northampton County, Va., about 1744-48. Died probably at "Tazewell Hall," Williamsburg, Va., April 7, 1781, Buried probably at "Tazewell Hall," Williamsburg, Va. John Tazewell was the son of William and Sophia (Harmanson) Tazewell of Northampton County, and great-uncle of Governor Littleton WaIler Tazewell. He attended the College of William and Mary. He practiced and taught law in Williamsburg, and was Clerk of the House of Burgesses before he was Clerk of the House of Delegates. He was a member of the Council of Williamsburg, signer of the Association of Williamsburg, 1770; counsel for the College of William and Mary; Clerk of the Committee of Correspondence, 1773; member of the County Committee for the city of Williamsburg, 1774; Clerk of the Conventions of March 1775, July 1775, December 1775, and May 1776, which last Convention adjourned to meet as the House of Delegates in October 1776, for which the officers of the Convention were held over. He was elected judge of the General Court, May 29, 1778, at which time the Supreme Court consisted of three judges of the High Court of Chancery, three judges of the General Court, and three judges of the Admiralty Court. He married Sarah Bolling, daughter of Colonel John and Elizabeth (Blair) Bolling of "Cobbs," Chesterfield County. There is no known portrait of him. While he was Clerk of the House, the Speakers were EDMUND PENDLETON and GEORGE WYTHE.

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